Pressure Locked Steel Grating

Pressure Locked Steel Bar Grating ( China Grating Factory)

platform welded bar grating

Pressure Locked Grating is often desired because of its neat appearance, smooth clean lines, durability, and its excellent lateral support. Permanent locking is achieved by hydraulically pressing two closely-toleranced slotted bars together. These gratings offer more flexibility in design than any other grating type.

Bar sizes and their spacings are almost infinitely variable. Centre-to-centre bar spacings start from 13/32" (7/32" clear opening).

Borden Pressure Locked Gratings are available in aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.


All HeslyGrating Pressure Locked Gratings are fabricated to size on a "per order" basis. To enhance longevity, all products are manufactured with each outside cross bar/bearing bar intersection fillet welded in accordance with NAAMM standards. Banding provides additional transverse stiffness and it is highly recommended that all Pressure Locked Gratings be specified with all cutouts and open ends banded.


-Nominate the size of bearing bar and cross bar.
-Nominate the pitch of bearing bar and cross bar.
-Nominate the size of the steel grating panel.
-Nominate whether banding is required.
-For non standard panels, nominate dimension for length and width of individual panels.
-Where large areas of flooring is to be covered, provide:
i) shop drawings of grating floor zone.
ii) detail drawings of beams, pillars and their joints.
iii) setting positions of stairs and procedures of stairs, railing piping and etc.
iv) sizes and locations of cutouts, kick plates and nosing.
-For stair threads, select from our ranges of standard types and nominate dimensions and quality. Our recommended length and widths should be nominated for economical orders.


Applications of Steel Gratings

This is our project of steel grating ,it can be used to many aspects just like:
platform trestle trend fence equipment walk way
pavement channel over manhole cover trash rack mentance platform
foot bridge scaffold ladder storage shelf marine platform

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